Re: Production (1/9 -2/13)

Re: Production - recent work by Christa Donner

At Three Walls
January 9th - February 13th

artist's talk: Thursday, January 29th, 6pm

Donner’s project Re:Production, is an exhibition that “re-imagines reproduction” through a wall installation, large scale drawings, a small-press zine and an animation made in collaboration with biologist and fellow artist Andrew Yang. What role does the notion of birth play in our diverse conceptions of femininity? What feelings or fears arise out of it? How might pregnancy conflict with or alter our priorities? What sort of agency do we even have in directing our bodies, and to what lengths are we willing to go? Drawing on both the personal narratives of a diverse group of women and from the reproductive models of other organisms -- the Peach Aphid, Surinam Toad, Adactylidium Mite, Hydra, and the Mollusk Crepidula --Donner creates new visions of human reproduction during a time when fertility drugs and genetic modification seem to make all sorts of impossible things viable.

Chicago Reader review


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