Leap (Year) Screening at Golden Age (2/29)

The Leap (Year) Show
Friday, Feb 29th, 7:30 PM
1500 W 17th Street, Chicago, IL

In celebration of Greeks who won't get hitched in intercalary years,
of the "Ladies' Privilege", of the Gregorian calendar that extends our
collective lives by one day for every 1460 lived, and of all
birthday leaplings, Ben Russell and the folks at artist-book/small item shop GOLDEN AGE present an evening of Experimental Films Featuring Things That Leap. FROGS and TOADS, that is. Hop over to Pilsen and check out their "kino-swamp of frame-fluttering frogs,
animatronic amphibians, pixellated pipas, and truly terrifying toads.
Don't miss out - this is the sort of batrachian magic that only occurs
once every four years..."

FEATURING: Frogland by Ladislaw Starewicz (8:00, 35mm on video, 1922);
A Frog on the Swing by Robert Breer (5:00, 16mm, 1989); Habitat
Batrachian by Rose Lowder (8:30, 16mm, 2006); Cane Toads by Mark Lewis
(65:00, video, 1988)
TRT 86:30

Climate Clock - call for artists

The Climate Clock Global Initiative is seeking ideas from artist-led teams to create a major artwork entitled Climate Clock, which will measure changes in greenhouse gas levels, and be the first in a series of global projects calling attention to climate change.

Climate Clock
will be an instrument of long-term measurement and will collect data for 100 years. The artwork will be located in downtown San Jose, California, Silicon Valley's city center, and will be a collaboration between an artist-led team composed of artists, international and Silicon Valley engineers and other creative professionals who are working with climate measurement and data visualization. It is anticipated that the budget for the construction of Climate Clock will be between $5 and $15 million, depending upon the scope of the final proposal.

To view the call visit http://cadre.sjsu.edu/fuse/strategem.html, for a PDF of the call, please visit http://www.sanjoseculture.org/?pid=4500 and to apply, go to www.callforentry.org, register a username and password, navigate to "Apply to Calls", and search for "San Jose Climate Clock". If you have questions please write climateclock@sanjoseca.gov

The Climate Clock Initiative is a collaboration between FUSE: cadre/montalvo artist research residency initiative and the City of San Jose Public Art program in cooperation with ZERO1.

-- Kuniko Vroman, Coordinator FUSE: _ CADRE/Montalvo Artist Research Residency Initiative CADRE Laboratory, School of Art and Design San Jose State University One Washington Square San Jose, CA 95192-0089 USA ( p ) 408. 924.4368 ( f ) 408.924.4326

Fluids, Sparks, and Spirits in Antebellum America (2/13)

Fluids, Sparks, and Spirits in Antebellum America
Justine Murison, UIUC Monticello Fellow
Wednesday, February 13, 3:30 pm

Newberry Library
2nd Floor, Towner Fellows' Lounge

60 West Walton Street

Chicago, IL 60610-7324

What are the politics and physiology of anxiety? Is nervousness subject to historical change?
Does a literary work represent, exploit, or contain cultural anxiety? Or all three? By turning to the antebellum era, a period that popularized physiological conceptions of nervous interiority, this talk explores the relationship between theories of the electrical body popular in antebellum physiology and its widespread (and sometimes paradoxical) uses in cultural, political, and theological thinking.

All are welcome!
Refreshments are served at 3:30 p.m.
presentation begins at 4:00 p.m.

Landscape Art at the Notebaert

Imperfect Recall

January 19 - March 30, 2008
Notebaert Nature Museum
2430 North Cannon Drive

Chicago artist Tom Denlinger presents his photographic series, Imperfect Recall, in an exhibition on the lower level of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum this month.

From the Museum's Press Release: "Denlinger selects transparencies of landscape art from museum collections and then gathers leaves, plants and debris from outside museums. Back in the studio, he uses the accumulation of objects to assemble dioramas under plexiglass meant to look as if the small patch of landscape is under water.The transparencies are projected onto the dioramas. Both the artificial landscape presented by the museum on its indoor walls and the artificial landscape the artist has created himself are then photographed together as a single composition. The projected images address the artist’s relationship to imaging media as well as to urban and cultural landscapes. "

Admission to this exhibition is free with general museum admission ($9 general adult admission; free on Thursdays).

Patterns, Pixels, and Process: Discussing the History of the Computer Print (2/16)


Patterns, Pixels, and Process: Discussing the History of the Computer Print

February 16, 2008
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Block Museum of Art

40 Arts Circle Drive
Evanston, IL

Description: This symposium brings together artists and scholars to map out a history of the computer print, from its pioneering stages, through the so-called paintbox era, and to its diverse contemporary environment. Participants will speak in the following order:
  • Debora Wood (Block Museum senior curator)
  • Edward Shanken (Art and Science Center, UCLA)
  • Charles Jeffries and Colette Stuebe Bangert (artists)
  • Frieder Nake (University of Bremen, Germany)
  • David Em (artist)
  • Roman Verostko (artist)
  • Sonya Rapoport (artist)
  • C.E.B. Reas (artist)
  • Moderated by Paul Hertz (artist and co-curator, Imaging by Numbers)
This program is FREE. Reservations are not required. Sponsored by Flashpoint, The Academy of Media Arts and Sciences. Additional support is provided by American Airlines and the Myers Foundations.

Imaging by Numbers: A Historical View of the Computer Print

Imaging by Numbers: A Historical View of the Computer Print
January 18–April 6, 2008

Block Museum of Art
40 Arts Circle Drive Evanston, IL 60208-2410
Phone: 847-491-4000 F

Bioculture Seminar: Donor Offspring and DNA testing

Wednesday, Feb 6, 11:30-1pm
As Part of UIC's ongoing Biocultures Seminar Series, Filmmaker Barry Stevens will show selections from his CBC film "Offspring" about donor offspring and DNA testing, based on Stevens' own experience seeking information on his donor from artificial insemination. The session will explore the relationship between culture and science through this lens. UIC Professor Lennard Davis will also talk about his book on donor offspring and DNA testing. Q and A discussion will follow.

The event takes place at UIC's Humanities Institute, in the lower level of Stevenson Hall (701 S. Morgan Street). Light lunch will be available.