Inner Cartography - this week!


A dance show choreographed by Megan Rhyme in collaboration with neuroscientist Miriam Sach, PhD

Produced by the Chicago Fringe Festival

Scientifically curious choreographer Megan Rhyme collaborates with neuroscientist Miriam Sach of University California-San Diego to present an evening length dance work about body mapping, a term used to describe the patterns of nerve cells in the brain’s motor cortex. The piece investigates how body mapping connects to the learning process, particularly through the concept of plasticity – the brain’s ability to change and adapt itself to new circumstances. Dancers become neurons and molecules, the stage transforms into the space inside the brain, and the process of learning becomes illuminated from the inside and out. Neuroscience is re-conceptualized as something that happens not just in a lab but exists inside us and is happening every moment.

Thursday September 2nd, 8:30pm

Saturday September 4th, 4pm

Sunday September 5th, 2:30pm

Chicago Arts District: Adelaide Stage, 1832 S Halsted

Suggested Donation $10

Tickets go on sale August 2nd. For tickets and further information, please visit: