Out & About: Natural Histories & New Art Spaces

This last weekend of April brought the well-known showers, for sure. But also spring-like re-openings of flowers like the new Hyde Park Arts Center. People were all over the place, over over all the big new space, even at midnight. Plenty of art to be found, like Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Mark Herald and Rick Gribenas' piece "Random Sky" whose floating and flickering blue stripes provide translation of current temperature, barometric pressure, and wind speed just outside.

On the other side of town, Terri Kapsalis's performance "Hysterical Alphabet" played with new “film recombobulation” of Danny Thompson to an extremely full house at Links Hall. Text and image orchestrating an amazing story of the uterus, from A to Z. And even if US immigration worries kept one of the main performers, Sebastian Paz, from being there, Theatre Oobleck's hilarious and harmonic interpretation of Pliny the Elder's writings were appreciated by all, especially those who think accordians and guitars are just the very accompaniment an examination of life, death, comets and triangles and beetles needs.