The Leaf and the Page

The Leaf and the Page

Eleven Illinois artists explore plants as conduits between humanity and the natural world. This exhibit considers the connection between the historic canon of botanical images, the plant as specimen, and contemporary practices that imbue the subject with emotive and narrative qualities. Artists in the exhibition are Judith Brotman, Melissa Jay Craig, Stephen Eichhorn, Winifred Godfrey, Dennis Lee Mitchell, Carolyn Ottmers, Olivia Petrides, Rebecca Shore, Eric West, Scott Wolniak, and Andrew Young. Curated by Douglas Stapleton. The Leaf and the Page is part of the 2008 Chicago Artists Month, an annual citywide celebration of Chicago's vibrant visual arts.

Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery
James R. Thompson Center, Suite 2-100
100 W. Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60601


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