The Emergence Project (til 12/30)

The Emergence Project
work by Daniel Sauter and Mark Hereld

Oct. 11–Dec. 30, 2008
Opening Reception: October 26, 3–5 pm

Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S. Cornell Avenue
Chicago, IL 60615

Artists Daniel Sauter and Mark Hereld work together to create a digital artwork driven by the ideas produced during the 2008 Chicago Humanities Festival. The contents of the day’s presentations, performances and panel discussions will be captured, analyzed and processed into a dynamic visualization that evolves from minute to minute to express “big ideas”, in resonance with the Festival's theme of Thinking Big. The Emergence Project is an innovative, real-time art installation that explores how complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of simple interactions, a phenomenon known as emergence. At first focusing on the actual discourse emanating from the Chicago Humanities Festival’s October 11 day of programs hosted in several venues in the Hyde Park area, the contents of the presentations, performances, and panel discussions are captured, analyzed, and processed into a multidimensional image that continually evolves. The piece uses simple morphological rules to excavate emerging word clusters and expressed big ideas, representing them on the Hyde Park Art Center’s digital façade.


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