Science Adventures in Creativity, Innovation and Learning (10/16)

Science Adventures in Creativity, Innovation and Learning
a talk by Todd Siler

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 pm


Columbia College Chicago
ROOM 602
624 South Michigan Avenue

This colorful, lively slide lecture will feature the work of visual artist *Dr. Todd Siler, whose adventures in the arts and sciences over the past three decades have produced a diverse body of original artwork that aims to transform and transcend all forms of compartmentalized knowledge. He refers to this integrative work as “ArtScience” as it fully melds various experimental approaches to creative inquiry, discovery and learning.
In addition to showing some vivid examples of his artwork, Todd will end his lecture with a glimpse of his company’s new Think Like A Genius 2.0 software, which is a 3D authoring tool that enables everyone to discover and explore one’s creativity in exciting, playful and productive ways. As Todd will relate, the collaborative creation of this versatile creativity and communication tool marks a milestone in the evolution of ArtScience concepts and their applications to everyday life. *Dr, Todd Siler is the first recipient of a PhD in Visualization from M.I.T. Dr. Siler is a visual artist, writer, inventor, educator, consultant, and director of PSI-PHI COMMUNICATIONS: a company that specializes in consulting and developing processes for fostering creativity and innovation in business and education. He has published many articles and books including BREAKING THE MIND BARRIER (1992) and THINK LIKE A GENIUS (1997). Dr. Siler has lectured throughout the world on topics such as the historical interaction of the arts with science and technology. His artwork is exhibited in major museums and galleries around the world.


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