Call for biology zines, comics, etc!

ATTENTION makers of biologically-related, distributable projects!
Artist/Zinestress Christa Donner and Biologist Andrew Yang are curating an art exhibition called "Biological Agents" at Chicago's Gallery 400 for Fall 2008.

Personal and social agency is as much a matter of access to information and resources as it is about decision-making. For this reason, one important component to the Biological Agents exhibition is the Knowledge Virus Research Station, an area in the gallery designed to seed a positive epidemic of information through artist-made resources made available for public dissemination. This will include comfortable seating around shelves for zines, minicomics, and brochures, DVDs, and an internet kiosk linked to sites focusing on various biological and educational initiatives as well as information on biological topics from a variety of perspectives.

Our call for entries includes Small-press zines, Brochures, Minicomics, Audio CDs, DVDs, Podcasts, View Master Reels, Maps, Interactive Web Projects, Guides, and any other medium that is small, reproducible, and easily distributable. We seek projects that do any (or all) of the following:

• share biological knowledge with non-specialist audiences (i.e. the general public) in interesting, accessible ways.

• engage directly with public communities, environments, and/or other species, giving them a way to exercise their agency as active biological participants.

• creatively disseminate information about biological issues from a range of perspectives, both factual and fictionalized.

We welcome single or multiple copies of publications and other physical media relating to this theme. Multiples will be distributed FREE of charge to visitors. No publications or information will be for sale during the exhibition, though you may include information about how visitors can purchase work elsewhere.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: is August 1st, 2008

Physical submissions may be mailed to:
C. Donner Attn: Knowledge Virus PO Box 6571 Chicago, IL 60680-6571
Please include contact information and self-addressed, stamped packaging for any materials you wish to have returned to you.

Digital or web-based materials may be e-mailed to ayang (at) and/or cdonne1 (at)

ALSO: zines in single-page foldable formats or PDF form may also be considered for ongoing publication/dissemination through the Small Science Collective. (If you're interested, please mention this in your e-mail or in a note attached to your zine). Please describe your project in the body of your e-mail.



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