World Offset - part of the EcoAesthetics Exhibit

WORLD OFFSET is a new artwork by SAIC faculty Tiffany Holmes that just opened this last week for the <>TAG exhibition, EcoAesthetics. The interactive website allows individuals in the Hague and beyond to pledge a small carbon offset that alters the visuals in the eco-visualization. An eco-visualization is a creative animation that makes hidden or numeric environmental data visible and comprehensible.

Both the full-screen and web-based animation begins with no carbon offsets. All of the spinning disks are filled with devices that consume energy: hairdryers, toasters, cars, and airplanes. When the first 100 pounds of carbon are promised, a change occurs in the animation: trees replace hairdryers. The goal of the animation is to offset at minimum 15,000 pounds of carbon, the amount that the average American consumes per year. The fact that so many real promises are required to offset the impact of one individual is in itself a demonstration of the enormous challenge of modifying human behavior to slow climate change.

Every thirty seconds the name of the most recent offset contributor is displayed in the animation. The website dynamically archives all carbon promises and contributor information.

Please check out the site and make a carbon promise. No cheating, pick something you are not doing already.


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