Leap (Year) Screening at Golden Age (2/29)

The Leap (Year) Show
Friday, Feb 29th, 7:30 PM
1500 W 17th Street, Chicago, IL

In celebration of Greeks who won't get hitched in intercalary years,
of the "Ladies' Privilege", of the Gregorian calendar that extends our
collective lives by one day for every 1460 lived, and of all
birthday leaplings, Ben Russell and the folks at artist-book/small item shop GOLDEN AGE present an evening of Experimental Films Featuring Things That Leap. FROGS and TOADS, that is. Hop over to Pilsen and check out their "kino-swamp of frame-fluttering frogs,
animatronic amphibians, pixellated pipas, and truly terrifying toads.
Don't miss out - this is the sort of batrachian magic that only occurs
once every four years..."

FEATURING: Frogland by Ladislaw Starewicz (8:00, 35mm on video, 1922);
A Frog on the Swing by Robert Breer (5:00, 16mm, 1989); Habitat
Batrachian by Rose Lowder (8:30, 16mm, 2006); Cane Toads by Mark Lewis
(65:00, video, 1988)
TRT 86:30


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