ARTificial Life, Robotics, and Emergence (9/20)

ARTificial Life, Robotics, and Emergence

Ken Rinaldo, Professor of Art and Technology, Ohio State University

Thursday, Sept. 20, 5 PM Ferguson Auditorium, 600. S. Michigan Ave.
Columbia College Chicago

Professor Rinaldo’s interdisciplinary media art installations investigate the intersections between natural and technological systems. He integrates organic and electro-mechanical elements to assert a confluence and co-evolution between living and evolving technological material. His talk, featuring a DVD presentation of his installations, will explore theories on living systems, artificial life, interspecies communication and the underlying beauty and pattern inherent in the nature and organization of matter, energy, and information.

The one-hour conversation begins at 5pm and follows a brief reception.

The full schedule of the Science and Mathematics Dept. Colloquium series: Here.

Co- sponsored by the Interactive Arts and Media Dept. as part of their Visiting Artist Lecture Series.


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